Change Image Filename

It is so easy to just upload the image you just took with your iPhone to complement the blog post you’re writing. In your mind, the photo says exactly what you want it to say about your topic. Everyone else will get it too! Your post is about the accumulation of litter on your local beach and the photo clearly shows the cups and food wrappers, right? Well, it’s not clear to everyone.

SEO and Your Images

By everyone, I mean, you know, The Google! And other search engines that you should write for as well. So the reason you should change the file name of images is because DCS_759.jpg means nothing to search engines crawling your site. Unless someone is searching for an image about  “DCS_759,” which they won’t. However, if you rename the file to “litter-on-local-beach.jpg” before uploading it,  this enhances your page’s [tooltip tip=”Search Engine Optimization”]SEO[/tooltip] and gives more relevance to you topic.

For more information, read our post about complete Image Optimization.