WordPress is hugely popular and its popularity is growing exponentially! This means there are many new users (and lazy wed developers!) who don’t know the basic security measures to take to lock down your admin area.

The default user account that is created is usually “admin” and hackers know this! So, you’re wondering how to change your ‘admin’ username?

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in as ‘admin’.
  2. Create a new user following the important points next.
  3. Choose a hard-to-guess username, but don’t make it so difficult that you’ll forget it. Use a capital letter in the middle for instance.
  4. Make that user’s role “administrator”. Important!
  5. Choose a password that has upper and lower-case letters and numbers in it. Symbols are OK too. Never use the word ‘password’ in your password, even if it has a different case and includes numbers.
  6. Click “Add new user.”
  7. Sign out as ‘admin’.
  8. Sign in as the new user.
  9. Delete your old ‘admin’ user and assign all posts/pages/comments to your new admin user.
  10. Congratulations, you now have a more secure WordPress system.

Thanks for reading!